CRM Electrical Industries appreciates the importance and pride our customers take in their homes. We enjoy creating comfortable spaces for the entire family, and this extends to the outdoor area too.

Outdoor lighting has evolved over recent years and what may once have been the best solution to meet your needs may no longer be the most appropriate or cost or energy efficient solution. 

We understand the complexities involved in creating outdoor light fixtures and exterior lighting to suit your individual tastes and requirements. 

Whether you have a small entertaining area, a large outdoor area you want to make secure, or would like feature lighting around the pool area, we have an outdoor lighting solution to meet your needs. 

If you're looking to update your existing property, but you can't find the time or money for a full refurbishment, upgrading your outdoor lighting in your garden, balcony, garage, front entrance or veranda is a cost and time-efficient way to give your home a new look and make your guests feel welcome without spending a fortune in time and money.

Let CRM Electrical Industries take care of everything for you, from choosing the best light fixtures and fittings through to installation and servicing. 

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Our exterior lighting expertise guarantees results

While outdoor lighting might seem like a simple problem you can fix on your own, exterior lighting comes with a range of often-overlooked considerations including waterproofing, integrating with existing systems, and of course, energy efficiency. 

Combining your tastes with a broad range of light fixtures including LED downlights, light fixtures, and electrical capacity of your building or land area, we'll provide the best solution to raise the profile of your home or outdoor space safely and effectively. 


Increase the value of your property 

Sometimes, all you need to smarten up a property and increase its value before you take it to market is a superficial renovation of an outdoor lighting system.  Changing the positioning, style and focus of exterior lighting can quickly improve the energy efficiency, atmosphere, and overall ambience of a property. 

Always choose an outdoor lighting specialist who can take control of the wiring process, cabling, and outdoor light fixtures from beginning to end. 


Industrial lighting solutions

Industrial lighting is possibly one of the most convoluted systems involved in any commercial infrastructure. Due to the size and complexity of the scope of an industrial or commercial lighting job, it’s important to choose an electrician you can trust, with the relevant skills and experience. 

Our team of fully qualified and highly skilled commercial lighting experts are experienced in integrating industrial lighting with a range of other essential amenities, while considering the challenges that arise within a complex commercial space. 

With scores of pre-installed electrical wires interconnecting with different lighting systems, and often very small spaces to work in, it's crucial you choose an industrial lighting specialist who has specific experience working on lighting for commercial projects and the ability to execute complex solutions. 

We also offer Sports Field, Tennis Court and Stadium Lighting services. 

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Outdoor lighting services include:

  • Outdoor light fixtures
  • Lighting around pool area
  • Industrial lighting 
  • Exterior lighting for residential and commercial properties
  • Security commercial lighting

For all your domestic or commercial outdoor lighting requirements call 0400 767 534 today to get a quote.


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