With its sub-tropical climate, air conditioning on the Gold Coast, or anywhere in Queensland, is non-negotiable! 

As the climate gets hotter, tolerance for heat and humidity gets lower, and air conditioning systems get more sophisticated and more complex; yet, in many cases, less environmentally sustainable. 

Gone are the days of stock standard air conditioners used to provide comfort in the summer months, or inefficient fans that do little more than blow hot air around. These days, there’s a broad variety of air conditioning solutions for your residential or commercial property, and we're here to help you select and maintain the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable option for your needs. 

At CRM Electrical Industries, we take the complex needs of our air conditioning customers and turn them into simple solutions. Meeting your service and installation* requirements, budget, and environmental concerns; we meet your needs with a quality service. 

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Air conditioning installation is much more complex than heating and, as a result, requires consultation with an expert who can provide the most appropriate solution for you. 

Air conditioners come in many sizes and shapes and with pros and cons to each. There is no 'one-size-fits-all’ for air conditioning installation, so it's important to always consult with an air conditioning electrician to ensure you get a product that meets your needs, is within your price range and looks great too!

Our air conditioning installation team are licensed in split system installations up to 18 kw and have a strong network of experienced sub-contractors to meet your specific needs. 

We can provide you with a tailor-made, competitively priced solution*.


Aircon servicing and maintenance

As far as air con service is concerned, prevention is better than cure. 

We understand no matter how old your air conditioning unit, it needs and deserves attention to keep it functioning at optimal performance.

To ensure the efficiency of your unit, our regular aircon servicing and maintenance packages identify smaller problems and parts that need repair before they become a bigger issue leading to reinstallation of a whole system, or worse, leaving you and your family or workforce sweltering through the summer months. 

If you've already got an air conditioner in your home, CRM Electrical Industries can service the full spectrum of portable or fixed air conditioners to make sure your temperature remains consistently comfortable no matter the season. 


Online systems 

With efficient online systems, we can keep track of all residential and commercial contracts to recommend solutions for regular testing and to create a schedule that suits the needs of your home. With effective planning, we stay one step ahead and make sure your air con system works at optimal performance all year long. 

We also provide a range of commercial electrician services. 


New builds and renovations

When you're building a home or residential complex or refurbishing a house, we take the stress away when it comes to decision making about air conditioning.  Our team* of experienced air con service providers and installers take control from the initial consultation, right through to installation, service and maintenance. 
We  liaise with other trades to ensure your build is on time, on target, and has fully functioning, beautiful air con. 

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Our promise to you

  • Affordable
  • Honest
  • Transparent
  • Gold Coast air conditioning experts
  • Tailor-made solution


CRM Electrical Industries provides a cohesive air conditioning solution from enquiry through to installation and servicing for homes and commercial properties. Our fully qualified team of professionals are looking forward to helping you and we welcome your enquiry. 

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*CRM Electrical is licensed to complete split system installations up to 18 kw single phase. With a strong team of sub-contractors to manage supplementary requirements,  we can tailor make a personalised air conditioning solution for your home or property.   



I had CRM install an air conditioner in my bedroom after being referred to him by a family member. Cameron was very professional and friendly to do business with. He was efficient in his work and completed the job in a clean and timely manner. He was also punctual and was always quick to get back to me. I will definitely use CRM in the future.

- Matt Vidler, Gold Coast


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