Isle of Capri Renovation by CRM Electrical Industries - Gold Coast

Isle of Capri Renovation by CRM Electrical Industries - Gold Coast

Earlier this year, CRM Electrical Industries carried out the complete electrical renovation of a four-bedroom property on the Isle of Capri, Gold Coast. 

With the brief to improve energy efficiency, modernise the style, and create more ambience for the home, by the time we arrived, the property had already been gutted. 

This gave a blank canvas for a complete redesign of complex electrical systems to improve liveability and increase the value of the property.



Here are the significant changes we made:

Circuit upgrade

In 2017, changes to Australia and New Zealand legislation (AS/NZ3000) meant that all wiring on new builds and renovations now requires safety switches on all sub-circuits in residential properties.

In line with this legislative change, we added new safety switches to all circuits to make them fully compliant.

This also involved rewiring a large portion of the house behind the scenes due to old cabling and poor, sub-standard wiring.


Replace all fixtures and fittings throughout

While fixtures and fittings may be considered little more than a necessity, it’s these tiny details that can raise the profile of an electrical renovation to give the home character.


We replaced all fixtures and fittings including:

  • Powerpoints

  • Switches

  • Ceiling fans


New lighting

CRM Electrical Industries Renovation Project

Lighting is a focal feature for any home and these days there's so much choice. Not only do you need to assess what the lighting fixtures will look like, there's also energy efficiency, function and longevity to consider.

We replaced lighting throughout the whole home, including electrical connectors and sockets that hold the lightbulbs in place, in line with the design.

New Clipsal BLE light switches were installed throughout the kitchen, dining area and bedrooms. With a goal to provide ambience and functionality, we also equipped the butler's pantry with specialised lighting that would increase visibility in the area without offsetting the mood in the kitchen.

We replaced old halogen lights with the Clipsal Iconic Series and utilised developments in technology to create a Bluetooth lighting solution which connects to a Wiser™ App on your mobile phone or tablet for smart control.

Spotlights with a dimmer control were fitted throughout the lounge and dining areas making the home appropriate for the existing owners but still maintaining the saleability of the property for the future.

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Replace smoke alarms

CRM Electrical Industries Smoke Alarm InstallationSince the 1990's (dates depend on State) it's been a legal requirement for all residential dwellings to be fitted with smoke alarms. 

In 2017 however, it became mandatory for all new and renovated homes in Queensland to be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms in compliance with Australian Standards AS3786-2014.

Photoelectric smoke alarms detect fire by sensor and light, which increases the likelihood of the alarm sounding during smouldering fires. In line with regulations, we fitted smoke alarms in all bedrooms and along the passageway, which would be used as the pathway to the exit in an evacuation situation.

The result of this Isle of Capri electrical renovation is a modern styled home which is functional yet comfortable and holds value for both existing and potential future owners.


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