Home Renovation Tips: From your Local Gold Coast Electrician

Home Renovation Tips: From your Local Gold Coast Electrician

Home Renovation Tips 

When renovating a property, some simple electrical changes can drastically improve the style, functionality and ambience of a room for a relatively low cost.

Before you start your renovation, follow our insider tips to make sure your electrical work is completed safely and efficiently and will achieve your desired outcomes.


A licensed electrician must complete all electrical work

While you may have planned to DIY your way through your renovation, it's actually a criminal offence to carry out electrical work without a license.

Yes, even in your own home.

Carrying out electrical renovations without a license could lead to a fine of $40,000 or imprisonment if severe injury or death occurs as a result of DIY electricals.

Serious stuff, but the harsh penalties exist for a reason, and that's because when things go wrong, the consequences can be fatal.

While it may seem like an easy job, resist the temptation to install your own ceiling fans, replace light switches or insert power boards yourself.

Even repairing electrical appliances is a no-no; penalties apply so always call an electrician.


Follow legal requirements during design

When planning your renovation, it's best to consult with an electrician to make sure that your dream home is possible within the parameters of your budget.

Certain legalities must be considered in the planning stages, especially for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and spas.

Electricity and water are a dangerous combination, so make sure you meet the legal requirements regarding wattage, approved appliances and lighting to prioritise the safety of everyone in your home.


Focus on energy efficiency

Renovations provide the opportunity to cut your electricity bills and decrease your impact on the planet.

Consider using lower wattage lighting and focus on more energy-efficient appliances that will increase functionality.

While the initial outlay may be higher, the reduction in overall electricity bills is likely to provide savings in the long run.

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Plan the use of each room

When designing your renovation, create an in-depth plan regarding the uses for each room.

Thorough planning will help with everyday items such as the number of and positioning of power points for example.

With handheld devices now a part of our daily lives, consider installing USB charging docks rather than power points to improve the functionality of your new spaces.


Plan your budget

Planning a budget for electrical renovations is essential from the outset.

Not only do you need to prepare for the costs of a licensed electrician, but also the cost of appliances.

Things to consider for renovation budget planning include:

  • Cost per hour/job of the electrician
  • Cost of appliances
  • Ongoing running costs of new circuits and appliances


Check the credentials of your electrician

While state-wide regulations apply, it goes without saying that renovation of electricals should always be designed and implemented by a qualified electrician.

All work must comply with Australian safety standards and your electrician must be fully licensed and insured.

CRM Electrical Industries can assist you with every step of your renovation and extension projects, from planning and design through to installation and maintenance.


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